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If the Shoe Fits...

A while back, and I mean long ago to the point that this is way overdue or maybe just irrelevant, an Instagram account posted something on their story asking about their followers' favorite writing accounts.

Someone said something along the lines of "She's not a writing account, but @alyssalastella" and dare I say I got my feelings hurt. In that exact moment, I went from "Aw, someone put me!" to "Wait, not a writing account?" in about .8 seconds.

Before I continue, as a disclaimer, if it was you that put that and you're reading this now, I appreciate you and I am not at all upset with you or your comment!

I feel like I probably talk about this all the time, but I do my fair share of talking to myself about the things that I want to write about online, so it's easy for me to get my wires a little crossed. Anyway, it blows my mind on a pretty consistent basis how easy it is for humans to register and hold onto the "negative", and I put quotes around that because I'm dramatic and there is nothing negative about this situation, but there's a point to this, I swear.

My brain was like "Okay, this is great news! You're someone's favorites!" and then before I got to really feel that, some switch was flipped that told me that I wasn't doing a good enough job.

My writing account didn't start out as a writing account and even today, I continue to use the "writing" part of "writing account" so very loosely.

This is not because I'm doubting myself or anything, it's just because my Instagram is so much more to me than a writing account. Because of this, what I'm about to say next probably won't surprise you; I'm more than just a writer.

I have so many little tiny side hobbies and interests and honestly, the way my brain works really surprises me sometimes because there's such a variety in everything that I do. Don't give me the aux if you only like one type of music because you'll probably hear what you want every twenty songs give or take. I have a little bit of everything from the songs I grew up listening to on the Disney Channel to the most profane rap to songs that will make me cry every time to songs that I don't know a single word to.

I'm all over the map, and my Instagram reflects that, but I'm not upset about it. I don't feel the constant need to fit in this tiny little author mold anymore and I couldn't be happier.

I guess my lesson that I'm trying to get across here is that you don't need to make yourself look, act or talk a certain way if your heart lies elsewhere. It's kind of like the advice to make your hashtags with your book and even YouTube videos and everything else diverse so there are fewer people! There are soooo many authors, but there are only so many authors who have these specific hobbies and character traits. I'm a fan of transparency to a certain degree, so I say let the world see the rest of you, too (only what you're comfortable with, some things should remain private. I only put so much about my relationship online.). You don't have to put the spotlight on your author side and forget about the rest, it's all relevant!

Thank you for reading another rambly post, it means everything to me!

With love and appreciation,


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