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Starlight Publishing

I wouldn't say that writing and reading have always been a passion of mine, but something that has proven time and time again to be consistent in my life is my love for words. During a particularly lonely part of my life, words were my outlet. I spent hours on hours typing up quotes that spoke to me and have compiled a list of over 5,000.


That's a lot of different combinations of words that all made me feel something at one point or another. I think I realized from a rather early age that words have the ability to make anybody feel less lonely. That's what they always did for me, and that's what I wanted to do for other people with my own words.

I started reading a lot of Wattpad stories and there were a few stories in particular that moved me beyond belief and to this day, I still think of those books. Books that may never be seen by the people that would love them most because of their lack of publication. Books that nobody fought for to get nominated for the Watty Awards or published by Wattpad. Books that have untapped potential to make someone a little less lonely right now.

Feeling how certain books affected me, I wanted to try my hand at moving other people. I published and unpublished multiple attempts of my own on Wattpad, only to inevitably give up on it before I got to the end. Since then, I have written and self-published Clean Slate which I can only hope will continue to impact readers as I work to create more. 

I know the emotions that I felt while going through the process of publishing Clean Slate and sending it out into the world, and I want other people to know that very same feeling. 

Although Starlight Publishing is a brand new company, that doesn't hold back the dreams that I have for its future by any means. While I continue to write books of my own, I look forward to being able to bring books that otherwise wouldn't be seen by nearly enough people into the spotlight. 

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